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Light of Early Dawn 100ml

€ 35

Our Collection –The Four Seasons The distinctiveness and beauty of the four seasons inspires each product that we design. The series includes handmade aroma sticks and scented candles that give a harmonious and romantic atmosphere and is characterized by a round and deep aroma. Our fragrance sticks are available in: Light of early dawn, Hoar frost, Midwinter and Tryst. Our scented candles have even more selections, including: Sommarfägring (Beauty of Summer), Midnattssol (Midnight Sun), Gryningsljus (Light of Early Dawn), Norrsken (Northern Lights), Midvinter (Midwinter), Rimfrost (Hoar Frost), Dagsmeja and Smultronställe (Tryst). Life of Product 4-6 months Volume 100 ml Ingredients Lemon zest, apple, cinnamon, orange flowers, oak, ivy, vanilla. How to use The fragrance sticks have a shelf-life of 4-6 months. Use more sticks for a stronger scent. Flip the sticks weekly for maximum effect. However, individuals with sensitive skin should avoid skin contact with the oil, as it may cause and allergic reaction.

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